11 Easy Steps How to Calibrate HP Printer

Owning and actively using an HP printer for your print jobs requires that you also have to monitor the device so that it can still produce high-quality work. One way to maintain HP printers is to calibrate. Knowing how to calibrate HP printers is essential when it comes to producing and maintaining high-quality artwork. Then, how to calibrate HP printer? the following is the discussion

HP printers require calibration to affect the visual output and standards of your work. Maybe you already have an HP printer and need to calibrate your HP printer, or are you trying to learn about HP printer calibration before you have an HP printer for your work support device? Therefore, whatever your situation, here are some suggestions on how to calibrate an HP printer.

What Is Printer Calibration?

Printer calibration is the process of making the images printed by the printer have the same quality and color as the images displayed on the computer screen. People need to calibrate regularly, either manually or by using automatic settings on the printer to be able to produce very detailed graphics, especially if you often print photos or large images that require high quality detail. The basic purpose of printer calibration is to produce prints according to what is shown on the computer.

Calibrating the printer basically ensures that the printer paper and inkjet cartridge nozzles are in the correct position and aligned. This process ensures that the colors produced during printing remain rich, clear and of the highest quality.

Printer calibration also has another purpose, namely to avoid an error that we often know as device drift where the error occurs when the printer, ink, toner or paper are out of sync with each other. Printer Calibration can also be performed as printer settings to conform to specific manufacturing standards, industry standards or your own business specifications.

It is also important to calibrate the printer properly, otherwise it can have an impact on your print quality, which will drastically decrease.

Why Do The Resulting Colors Appear Different?

There are several reasons that make the colors on the monitor display and print results not the same, including:

  • Printed images do not have the same saturation, contrast and range as monitors, which makes colors usually less vibrant and darker than on screen. Brightness and paper texture can also be to blame.
  • Monitors on computers use additional RGB colors, while printers use subtractive CMYK pigments. Each of these methods is a different way of reproducing color.
  • The human eye has the ability to distinguish more colors than a machine or ink can print.
  • In the printing process, ink layering and overlapping cause subtle color shifts not found in the individual pixels that make up the screen image. For example, on the screen you see the red circle may overlap with the yellow circle, then in the printout, you can see the orange where the overlap occurs.

How To Calibrate

The first step you need to do before knowing how to calibrate a printer, how to calibrate HP Deskjet 2700 printer, or how to calibrate HP Deskjet 2600 printer is to calibrate your computer monitor first. Then, also make sure you use the correct printer driver for your printer because in the printer driver there are controls to adjust the overall color appearance of your printer so that it looks perfect.

If you want to go deeper into the basics of color calibration, there are two common methods visual and mechanical. For most users, a visual calibration or use of a generic color profile will suffice for your hardware.

How To Calibrate An HP Printer

After knowing a few things about printer calibration, you can try to calibrate the printer. Here are the steps you need to do for how to calibrate HP printer.

  • Place multiple sheets of paper in the paper tray on the HP printer kit
  • Run the HP Solution Center software, or an easier way by going directly to the Settings menu on your computer via the Start menu.
  • Then enter the Settings menu (For how to calibrate HP printer on mac, it’s basically the same, that is, you go to Apple menu > System Settings, then click Printers & Scanners in the sidebar)
  • Select the Printer option menu
  • Then, right-click on the printer device option that is available and the one you are using
  • Go to Preferences option
  • Then click Service
  • Enter the ‘Open HP Photosmart Toolbox’ or ‘Service This Device’ menu
  • Then, select the Device Services tab
  • Click on the option Calibrate Device or Clean Print Cartridge or Align Printer
  • After that you follow the instructions that will appear on the screen

That’s an article about how to calibrate HP printer that you can try. If you’re not sure to calibrate your printer with your own hand, you better hand those work to the nearest professional printer services to prevent any more harm to your printer.

If you still have problems to calibrate your HP printer, you can find support and customer service options to help with your HP printer problems on the official HP support website.

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Images Source: HP.com