7 Easy Steps How to Set Up Fax on HP Printer

Many people choose fax because fax is considered more secure than email. Sending a fax is one of the best ways to keep your personal information safe. Interestingly, you can now send faxes using an HP printer. Then, how to set up fax on HP printer? It will be discussed below. Maybe you still think that the fax machine is a bit complicated in terms of how to use it and the process. However, the good news is that you can now send faxes easily with an HP printer.

How To Find Out If An HP Printer Has Fax Capabilities?

While you will be amazed that some multifunction printers have fax capabilities, you need to find out if your HP printer can be set up to fax. Finding out if your HP printer has faxing capabilities is actually quite easy. You can search for “Fax button” on your HP printer device.

Then, another way to check your HP printer’s ability to send faxes is to look for the telephone jack on your printer. Some types of printers usually have more than one phone jack. The next way to determine the fax capabilities of your HP printer device is to read the product information. This is the easiest and most basic way to find out that your printer has extended fax functionality.

How To Setup Fax On HP Printer Without Phone Line?

Before learning how to set up fax on HP printer, you need to know a few things.

Understanding HP printer essentials for faxing is necessary so that you can send faxes using an HP printer. You will need a wireless network card to know how to setup fax on HP printer without a phone line, although there is a telephone jack on the device, you can send faxes over a wireless network too, especially if your HP printer is one of the latest versions. Some older versions may not support this wireless network so you will need a telephone connection or an ethernet cable to be able to send faxes through the HP printer.

Steps To Setup Fax On HP Printer

Setting up an HP printer for faxing is basically an easy job. Here are the steps:

  1. If your HP printer does not have a wireless feature for fax setup, connect the telephone cord that connects to your HP printer from the telephone wall jack to the 1-LINE jack on the back of the device or you can also connect it via an answering machine via the 2-EXT jack. You can also use other alternatives if you don’t have a phone line, such as using the internet to send faxes.
  2. After that, open the HP software tool on your computer, then look for the “Fax setup guide” menu if your computer uses a Windows operating system or “Basic Fax Settings” if your computer is a Mac.
  3. When in the menu, enter some text that generally contains your name, your organization’s name, and a 10-digit fax phone number to become the fax header that will later appear at the top of the fax page.
  4. After that, set the ringer for your fax line.
  5. Set the dial type to allow your HP printer to recognize ringing and incoming calls.
  6. Select the volume level for the ringer or you can also turn it off.
  7. The setup has been completed.

You can also do this step for how to set up fax on HP Officejet 4650 and almost all versions of HP printers, especially the latest version.

How Do I Test The Fax Settings?

After setting up the HP printer for faxing, you need to test it.

  1. Open the control panel on your HP printer device
  2. Press the directional buttons on the control panel to select the “Setup” menu
  3. Then, select “Tools”
  4. Next, you select “Run Fax Test” and on the HP printer screen, you can see the test status
  5. Test report for review will be printed

Reviewing the fax settings is useful for checking for errors. Also make sure that the ink cartridges in your HP printer are properly installed. Make sure you have full-size paper ready in the printer input tray.

How To Send A Fax Wirelessly From An HP Printer?

This step has 5 quick steps, they are:

  1. Make sure that your computer and the HP printer are connected to the same network.
  2. Place the document to which you have added a cover page so that the recipient identifies the document in the fax tray.
  3. Select “fax” in the settings menu.
  4. Then, enter the number you want to send the Fax to.
  5. Finally, press “Start” and your HP printer will start to scan the document and then send it over the wireless network.

That’s the discussion about how to set up fax on HP printer. If you have problems setting up fax on your HP printer, you can find support and customer service options to help with your HP printer problems on the official HP support website.

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Images Source: HP.com