6 Best Ways How To Fix Print Queue Issue On HP Printer

So, there are numerous problems or something that can go wrong with the printer, this time is about the queue issue in the HP printer that causes problems for printing. This article will explain the possibility solve for how to fix print queue issue on HP Printer, after in last article we talk about How To Fix HP Printer That Prints Blank Pages.

6 Ways How To Fix Print Queue Issue On HP Printer

There are steps for troubleshooting errors in the printing queue are:

Option 1 – Delete The Job Files

Try and delete the job files then restart your computer and printer, because when this thing happens, it might be because the document or file that is sent to the printer may be corrupted, and restarting your computer and printer manually might help you to solve this problem.

Make sure you try to clear the job queue first before that, and after you shut down the computer and printer, you need to unplug the power cord and wait at least one minute before you turn it back on again. Sometimes it just needs some time for the system to cool down and make sure the temporary memory is clean then you start the computer back on.

Option 2 – Reinstall The Printer Drivers

The second option for this troubleshooting of how to fix print queue issue on HP Printer is a to reinstall the printer drivers, sometimes your computer has a problem with the system which can also affect your printer drivers. So it would be best if you uninstalled it then download the new and up-to-date drivers then restart your computer before you reinstall it.

How to uninstall the drivers of your printer, you need to turn off the printer and unplug the USB port click start or logo windows then chose “devices and printer” then chose the printer, and right click then chooses to remove the device, the system will begin to uninstall the drive and then restart your computer.

Option 3 – Check The Printer’s IP Address

After trying the troubleshooting but still you find that HP Deskjet 2700 print queue issue is not fixed. The problem might be with the spooling process in the windows, there are steps you can take to try and resolve this.

You need to check the printer’s IP address in the windows port setting and make sure that they the same as the printer’s IP address. Click on the printer icon and right-click on it and then choose to configure the port. If you saw the IP address is incorrect, then you need to correct it.

How To Fix Print Queue Issue On HP Printer

Option 4 – Check The Printer Error Lights

Check the printer error lights, often time the obvious annoying blinky error light on your printer is gone unnoticed when you focus on another aspect of why the HP Print queue issue is not fixed mac or in any OS, but we need to look and find out if the error lights are blinking or not.

Figure out why the printer won’t print is because of low ink or paper jam, once you make a quick assessment if it is either low ink or paper jam it will be easier for it to be fixed. You need to refill the ink if it was the ink that needs to be refilled. If it was a paper jam, then you need to gently pull out the paper before you try to do the print again.

Option 5 – Check Your Printer Connection

Make sure your printer connection is solid, sometimes you didn’t realize that your printer cable is just not plugged into your computer and the queue job is not being processed because of the fact that the USB connection isn’t where it is supposed to be.

If you use the printer using a wi-fi connection and you then can’t seem to print, then you need to change the connection using a USB port instead, sometime wi-fi range is not something that can be trusted to carry on the task.

Make sure you select the right printer, sometimes you forgot and you have more than 1 printer and you didn’t set your default printer so you need to set the working printer as default.

Option 6 – Check The Printing Queue Status

Possibility of a larger file that is stalled for printing, you might not notice the size of the file and wonder why it will take so long to print, you need to check the printing queue status and check the size column. You will see something like 9Mb/12Mb which means only 9Mb is loaded out of the 12 Mb file. So try rebooting your computer first then after that try to send the file to be printed again.

This is the list of things to help you troubleshoot explaining the possibility of the steps how to fix print queue issue on HP Printer. Try and apply the steps one by one, but if after you try and do these steps and you still find that it still doesn’t work then we advised you that this is time to finally go to the repair shop and ask for professional help or you can find HP printer support and customer service at the Official HP Printer Support Website.

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Images Source: HP.com