8 Best Easy Steps How To Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer

How To Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer – How annoying it is when we are in a hurry to print some documents for something important, then suddenly our print has a paper jam problem? Very. and how often it can occur. A paper jam can happen when you don’t pay attention to your printer conditions, and often time neglected your printer besides doing a refill on the ink or replacing the papers on the printer tray. This article will explain how to fix paper jam in HP printer, after in last article we talk about How To Fix HP Printer Not Scanning.

HP printer is a little bit sensitive, do you know having a tiny bit piece of paper can cause a paper jam in an HP printer? No? Yes, it can, we sometimes don’t realize that there’s a piece of paper lodged inside the roller, and if you don’t clear it up it can cause more trouble for your printer.

So after some reading and troubleshooting, we have the solutions for you to do when you faced this kind of situation. We have tips to share, so let’s dive in.

What Causes The Paper Jam?

Before we learn about the solutions we ought to know about the problem and what causes it first, because there are many reasons why this paper jam happens and we have quite the list of what that may be.

1. Overfilling the paper tray

One fact you need to know, the paper tray in a printer has a limit on how much you can load papers into it because when you overfill the tray with 10 extra sheets of paper, the mechanism of the printer will have a hard time getting the paper into the printer to process the command from the computer to print the document because it’s stuck and thus why overfilling the tray will cause you problem.

2. Positioning your paper incorrectly

A simple problem that is sometimes overlooked, positioning the paper correctly into your paper tray is important, there’s a certain angle you need to make sure to position your paper, which is straight and even. Else the paper will go in with an odd angle and it will cause a paper jam.

3. Putting in the wrong type of paper

Sometimes some printers have types of paper they prefer to use on their printer, and it can be checked in the user manual on your HP printer to have maximum use and avoid this problem.

how to fix HP 4500 printer paper jam

4. Dust in your HP Printer

Now, when you care about your printer and regularly clean them, you will have a minimal problem because when you don’t clean them, the dust particles that settle in your printer can cost you your printer performance and that will give you extra work to do.

How To Fix Paper Jam in HP Printer?

8 tips we have to share on how to fix paper jam in HP printer, These general tips have been tested and troubleshot so they will work on most types of printers, and we will also tell you the type of model of printer these tips can be applied to.

  1. Firstly, the simple, quickest, and easiest solution is to check the front cover of the HP printer and see if the paper jam only part of the paper that got stuck, if it is, you need to gently pull them out. Remember, gentle, then you try again.
  2. The second tip, check the input tray, if you find it stuck then this is what you need to do: plug in the printer and press the “power button” then when the printer is on, plug out the power cord connected to the printer (on the back of the printer).
  3. Then after that, you locate the tray to then gently pull out of the input tray, then if there’s any paper inside, you need to remove bits of it or something else that might stick there and fall into the tray. After you finished cleaning it, put the tray back and then turn the printer back on.
  4. The third tip, check the output tray to see if the paper jam, this tip will tell you about fixing the paper jam by assessing the output tray. First, turn the printer off, disconnect the power cord and look at the output tray. You will need to gently pull the paper out and then try print again.
  5. The fourth tip, clean paper feed rollers, this thing may or may not be the culprit on most paper jam issues but not always, although we do need to clean them regularly. To clean this, you will need to turn your printer off, disconnect the power cord, raise and open the input tray, locate the grey paper rolls and then proceed to clean it with a damp cloth to clean any dust and dirt then dry the rollers before you put it all back together.
  6. The fifth tip, clean the printer rollers. So you will need to remove all papers that are in your paper tray, keep the printer ON, then press the “Down Arrow” to select “setting” and then press “OK”.
  7. Then after that, you need to press the “down arrow” again to select “Tools” and then press “OK”.
  8. After that select “Clean paper feed” and then press “OK, after all the steps you can wait until the process is done then you’re set.

So, that’s the basic and simple answer to how to fix paper jam in HP printer, that you can try and fix it by yourself. So if you still have questions for more specific type of printer like how to fix HP 4500 printer paper jam, or how to fix paper jam in HP Printer 6978, this list of troubleshooting and tip for fixing it is pretty much the general send on how you can do it on all type.

You don’t need to look for how to fix paper jam in HP Printer 8710, or even how to fix paper jam in HP Printer 8720, because our tip has been proven and it is working. If other problems arise, you might want to visit your local printer technician for a consult.

Images Source: experts-exchange.com and KDVR.com