5 Best Ways How To Fix HP Printer That Prints Blank Pages

The dreaded problem is when you want to print something and it gives you only blank pages and you totally don’t know what to do, well fear not we have a list of troubleshooting and how to fix HP printer that prints blank pages to help you figure out and hopefully, fix your problem and get your printer up and running again.

First thing first before we work on our list though, you need to know to work on one problem solver at a time, identify what’s wrong then look at the possible solution and go from there. You don’t have to do all that’s on the list, if you find one problem solver works, then it’s enough.

Corrupt System Files Need To Repair It

There is a possibility of your system having a corrupt file and because of that, it can interfere with your printer and can cause it to malfunction, but fear not it may just need a simple repair on your system, so how can we do that?

An app tool like a professional windows repair tool called Restoro to check on this possible issue. Restoro will be able to scan your system, identify any faulty files and then replace them. In other words, a new fresh system with one click of a button. You need to install the app, then scan before clicking repair and let the app do the work.

Update Your Drivers

First troubleshooting possibilities, why is my HP printer printing blank pages when it has ink, possibility is your printer might have a driver problem, an outdated one so you will need to try and uninstall the printer drivers, and download the new and updated version for the drivers. Reset your computer after that and try again.

Window Troubleshooter

If you don’t want to move to the physical aspect of the troubleshooting yet, you can use the built-in printer troubleshooter that Microsoft has that can detect and then fix common printer issues automatically.

You can press the window logo on your keyboard then type troubleshoot on the search program bar, click it then wait until it opens up then click use printer, click Next and wait for the process to finish, and then try if the problem already fixes, you can run it 3x before you move on to the other method.

Ink Cartridges

Is your printer missing some color or just printing blank pages? If this happens, you can also check on the ink cartridges, first, troubleshoot, try this method, and remove the black color cartridge after that try and print something with only the tri-color cartridge. If it’s not working, try and switch using only the black cartridge. If it’s working then you will only need to replace the tri-color cartridge, if both of them are not working, you need to replace the ink cartridges.

why is my hp printer printing blank pages when it has ink

It would be best if you used the HP genuine cartridges or HP genuine toner supplies because using another brand than HP might not guarantee that it will work properly in some cases, it might work in a short term but over time it will wreck another mechanism on the HP hardware.

Check The Ink Level

After trying that troubleshooting or if you try with this one first after you have thought of why is my HP Deskjet printer printing blank pages, then try to check the ink level on your ink cartridges, check the estimations of it, how to check the ink level? It’s not complicated, it’s in your printer setting on the control panel. But NOTE, that the ink level indicators on the screen on your computer are just an estimate only, when it showed your ink is low, you need to refill it. Then try again if it works this time.

If Your Cartridge Is Clogged

Another thing to check on the list of how to fix HP printer that prints blank pages, is that this tip for troubleshooting will give you the insight to check on your cartridge once again, but this time if the cartridge is clogged or blocked, it can sometimes. You need to take out the cartridge and check the bottom of the cartridge, if there’s ink pooling on it, if it does, wipe it with a tissue and soak it a little in warm water then wipe it again with a dry tissue.

Note: You can clean it manually like that but DO NOT ever touch or make any contact with the copper-colored contact or the ink nozzles because you can ruin the cartridge beyond repair, and also DO NOT re-tape the cartridge.

Another method you can clean it using the printer control panel. If it doesn’t work, back to option three and replace the ink cartridge.

So after all of that tips and solutions on how to fix HP printer that prints blank pages, hope the list helps you with your problem, and hopefully no more questions like HP envy 4520 printing blank pages and how to fix it. I really hope that one of these things will help you fix your blank page problem, but if it all fails, you might need to go to the nearest professional service and ask for their help.

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Images Source: RefreshCartridges.co.uk and Channelnews.com.au.