4 Best Easy Ways How To Fix HP Printer Not Scanning

When you are scanning using an HP printer and scanner, and some error happens that won’t let you finish your scanning, and you can’t figure out how to fix the scanner by yourself, then we are here to help. Here, is our easy way How To Fix HP Printer Not Scanning so that you can do it for yourself.

Remember, if all else is failing, try to contact a trusted printer technician, as they can give you professional input and printer service. They also know exactly what to do, and how you can fix your printer and scanner in no time, as well as having the correct tools and resources to repair your printer.

What Caused Your Printer Scanner Not To Work?

There are many causes for the printer scanner to not work properly, from physical damage on the scanner screen, firmware malfunction, old drivers, non-genuine power cables, and so on. Certain issues could take place when you are scanning the document, leaving the document unfinished, and would be troubling if you are printing a whole lot of documents.

There are also connection issues that prevent you from scanning the document properly, hence you should always check on the internet connection, and see to it if it has any trouble connecting the scanner or not. Some basic error indicators, such as scanning unsuccessful, or printer not connected to a wireless network might also sometimes pop up.

why is my HP Printer printing but not scanning

So, how do we fix it? Now, we are going to give you easy solutions on How To Fix the HP Printer Not Scanning with 100% working ways, so you can take care of this issue by yourself. Remember, that if the issues persist, even after you try so many ways, you should always contact a professional printer technician to seek their help, as they have tools and experiences that could help repair your printer scanner.

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So, How Do We Fix Failed Scanner On The HP Printer?

Sometimes, your HP printer is fine printing, but when it is to scan a document, it failed and can’t scan the document properly. So, why is my HP Printer printing but not scanning? To fix it, we need to know exactly what the problem behind it is and help to troubleshoot the problem. Here are how you can fix scanning errors on HP printers and scanners.

1. Restart Your Printer or Scanner

One easy solution for the scanner not working properly is by restarting the printer itself, however, this solution could only solve some minor issues, such as driver malfunctions, and compatibility issues with the firmware. Once you restart it, please wait for a few minutes, unplug every power cord from the printer, and then plug it back to turn it on.

Some minor problems can be easily fixed by turning it off and then on again, however, this won’t fix major problems, and you will need to check on the scanner thoroughly. This will also won’t solve anything if the problems come from physical damage in the printer scanner panel.

2. Check On The PC Setting

Check on the PC settings that prevent the scanner to do its job. Sometimes, the PC would ask you permission to use the scanner or device. You need to know if the PC recognizes the device properly and allows it to function.

How do I enable my HP Printer to scan? First, you need to open the applications and find the printer apps. Then on the setting, you can choose the utility Scan to option enabled. Make sure this box is enabled.

3. Check For Any Physical Damage On The Scanner Panel

This is sometimes overlooked, but rather fatal any physical damage on the panel can result in scanner malfunction, especially if the optic inside it has been damaged. Optics are needed devices that let the panel see the paper, and then scan it. If there is any sign of physical damage, such as a cracked screen, or broken panel, then it might be the cause of it.

Check for any physical damage on the scanner panel

For any damage to the scanner, you should consult the technician, as they can help repair, and replace any broken components that the scanner might have. Sometimes, you might also want to reconsider buying a new printer or scanner though, the scanner is too old, or too broken, hence you will need newer models for it.

4. Reinstall The Old Printer Drivers

Reinstalling old printer drivers might also fix some scanner issues. See on the HP Support Official Website for the updated driver, and download it for free.

So, that’s it on How To Fix HP Printer Not Scanning. If you see the problem persists, you will need to check up on the printer services and let the professional technician check up on your scanner. The scanner is quite a complex machine, as such if you don’t have any experience in gadgets and technology, you should always try to seek help, and know where to go in case of scanner emergencies.

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