4 Easy Steps How To Fix HP Printer Error 49.38.07

You are currently working on the printer, printing tons of documents, when suddenly an error message shows up, that interrupts your printing process, and now you can’t print at all. These error messages contain various numbers and codes, as well as some troubleshooting options. In this article, we are going to show you How To Fix HP Printer Error 49.38.07 with some easy working methods.

The code on the error message indicates a different type of error, with each different massage, coming from different trouble from the printer and would require different solutions. This code, 49.38.07, indicates certain trouble, such as incompatible firmware, and an outdated printer driver. This can be solved easily without needing help from a professional printer technician.

So, What Caused The Error Code 49.38.07?

There are many ways that a printer could have an error code of 49.38.07, but the main reason behind this is usually faulty firmware, too much traffic and queue on the printer, simultaneous and non-stop printing job, and so on. Most of the time, these could be fixed with simple restarting on the printer, however, some would require a bit more complicated procedure.

There are many reasons why the error code 49.38.07, such as:

  • Firmware trouble
  • Too much printing queue
  • The printer is not supportive of certain commands and language
  • Network configuration problems
  • Damaged USB port
  • Faulty drivers that needed to be reinstalled
  • Too much incoming traffic from the HP printer

How To Fix HP Printer Error 49.38.07 With A 100% Easy Solution

This error can be fixed quite easily, as they are actually some minor faulty problems. If you know what causing on your printer then it will be so much easier. One way to know the problems on your printer is by running printer troubleshooting software. This can be done when you receive error massages, and it will show you what might causing the problems on your printer.

However, the troubleshooting mechanic isn’t perfect, as they are sometimes pinned on wrong trouble, or some problems that might not be easily solved. So, how to fix the problems of the error 49.38.07? Here are the easy solutions and fix about it.

1. Restart the Printer

Please turn off the printer, and then restart it. This could solve the minor issues on the printer, and it will also refresh the printer queue, since the printer queue is usually the one who make this problem in the first place. Turning it off, and then wait for minutes before you can turn it on again. This will solve the problem, however if the problem persists, you can try out these other way.

2. Update to the new firmware

Updating to the new printer firmware could help on solving this error massage. You can update the firmware through the use of applications such as WebJetAdmin, or you could also update it using the USB drive. Make sure to properly update the firmware, and to avoid any future problems.

If you want to update to new firmware, you can follow our guide closely here in order to properly install it. Click on the link bellow here to find out more on guide about how to install firmware, download it for free, and choose the correct firmware.

3. Uninstall and then reinstall the printer driver

One way causing the problems of this error code is through the faulty printer driver. If your printer driver is outdated, as well as faulty driver could causing this kind of problem. So, make sure than you reinstall the driver in order to get the proper installation of your printer.

To reinstall your driver, first you must remove the current driver you have. You can find your driver in your apps and installed software. Find the printer driver, right click and then click on the uninstall button. After that, you will need to download the correct driver of your printer. Find the proper driver in our official website here, as you can download it for free, and easy to download.

4. Clear printing queue

Clear out the printing queue on your printer, this can happen because you have printed a lot of document, and some document has been canceled. The full printing queue could make the faulty problems, and error, hence you will need to make sure it has been cleared.

To clear out printing queue, you need to click on the printing options, then you will have to select on printing queue options, and then clear out the printing queue from the options.

So that was all of the possible solutions on How to Fix HP Printer Error 49.38.07. If you are having persistent problems, exactly with the error message of 49.38.07, and you have done all of these solutions, you can also contact our expert technician that could help you to fix all of the problems in your printer device. Or you can find support and customer service options to help with your HP Printer problem’s in Official HP Support Website.

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Images Source: HP.com