4 Best Ways How To Fix HP Printer Driver Unavailable

When you want to print on your printer, but sometimes couldn’t be done because of certain errors, there are a few things that might cause it. Sometimes you would also receive error messages, such as Printer driver unavailable, or printer driver unavailable, please reinstall the printer driver. In this article, we are going to show you easy solutions on how to fix HP printer driver unavailable with easy solutions.

When you see the “printer driver is unavailable” error in your printer, in your windows setting, or control panel, there are certain errors that cause this problem. A corrupt, and incompatible printer driver could be the problem, or you have to uninstall the printer driver, and forgot to reinstall it. Either way, this can be fixed with very easy solutions.

What Causing The Printer Driver Unavailable And How Do I Fix The HP Printer Driver Is Unavailable Windows 10

Why does my HP printer keep saying the driver is unavailable? Just as we mentioned earlier, the main cause of the printer driver is unavailable is of course the printer driver itself. This problem is caused by a malfunction in the printer driver, the printer driver not detected, the wrong printer driver that has been installed, or the old printer driver.

So, what is a printer driver exactly? The printer driver is software that connects the printer with the driver, essentially letting your device such as a PC and laptop detect new printer devices. It is essentially software that connects both the printer and the PC or laptop. When installing a new printer, or using new devices, you will need to connect it by installing a printer driver in its software.

Some newer model printer from HP has one plug install driver features. This will let you install and automatically get the correct driver, then install it directly, so you won’t need to manually download the printer driver.

However, you should still know how to manually download the printer driver, especially to know which printer driver is the correct one, and how to identify which printer driver is the most up-to-date driver, that is suitable for the version of your HP printer.

How To Fix HP Printer Driver Unavailable?

The error message, the printer driver isn’t available sometimes show up when you are trying to use the printer. It can also show up when windows are trying to load the relevant printer driver that has been installed on your device. For various reasons, such as outdated driver, and incomplete printer setup, there are many causes, and fixes that you can try.

So, here are some fixes that you can do to repair the printer driver unavailable problem:

1. Run printer troubleshooter

When you are having printer trouble, Windows has a troubleshooting problem that could analyze the problem you have with your printer. If the printer is having a driver problem, then the troubleshooter would detect any problems, along with solutions on how to fix them.

The problem with windows printer troubleshooter is, that sometimes the problem takes too long to detect, and hence it also won’t solve the issue by itself, only by detecting the problem, then you should fix it by yourself, or report it to Microsoft.

2. Update and download your printer driver

A faulty printer driver would be one of the main reasons that the problem persists. You will need to update the printer driver to the latest update. You can download the latest printer driver from the official HP printer store, and then install it on your device. Make sure to download the correct version of the printer driver, as well as the most updated one.

3. Reinstall your printer drivers

A faulty printer driver could also be the main cause problem for these errors. First, you need to remove the old printer driver. First, find the installed printer driver from the device and installed apps. Remove the printer driver by uninstalling it, from your device. After uninstalling the process, you can then download and install it with the newer, and correct printer driver.

You can download the printer driver from our official download website here, as we provide the most updated, and various brands and variations of the printer driver.

4. Perform SF and DISM scanner on your computer

Some system and file corruption can be the reason why your HP printer driver is unavailable. Performing SFC and DISM command tools from the run can help you fix that. To initiate the SF and DISM scanner, you can right-click on the start button, then select terminal or (Admin). Type SFC scannow, and then press enter.

So, that’s 100% solutions for how to fix HP printer drivers unavailable or not detected. It is fairly easy to download and install a printer driver to fix this problem. If you are looking to download a printer driver for free, and with the latest printer driver you can download, you can download it here on our official website for the latest, and free to download the printer driver.

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