5 Best Ways How To Fix Carriage Jam in HP Printer

In this article, we will show you easy solutions on How To Fix Carriage Jam in HP Printer regardless of error, and without the need to call for a technician. However, should the error persists, even after you try several fixes, then you should go to the printer technician, and seek help to see what causing the carriage jam in your HP printer.

When you receive the message “Carriage jam” and then your printer stop printing the document, it will then display the control panel, sometimes this can happen due to problems in the ink carriage system, in ink or toner cartridge. This might cause a constant paper jam, an error in the ink nozzle system, as well as many more, that will prevent the printer to work properly.

How To Fix Cartridge Jam in HP Printer

Now, we are going to show you How To Fix Cartridge Jam in HP Printer properly without needing technician help. However, keep in mind, that if all else fails, and you don’t know what to do with the problems with your printer, you should always seek help from a professional printer technician, therefore you will know that exactly is causing the problem, and let a professional handle it.

How To Fix Printer Carriage Jam HP Officejet 4500 And Other HP Printer Models

When you are having a problem with the printer carriage jam, the following problems might persist in your printer, such as the printer won’t be able to print a document, and will stop unexpectedly when printing the document.

There are many reasons that this can happen, such as non-genuine ink carriage, old driver in your printer, damage in the printer carriage and nozzle spray, and many more. This can be fixed with quite easy solutions, as long as you understand what might cause the problem, As such, here are easy steps on how you can fix the printer carriage jam by yourself after on the last article we talk about How Do I Fix The Touchscreen on My HP Printer.

1. Resetting Your Printer By Turning It Off And On Again

One easy and simple solution for fixing any carriage jam on an HP printer is by resetting the printer itself. This can be done by tuning it off, and then on again. Unplug any power cable in the printer, and then turn it off. Please wait for a few minutes before you can turn it on again. This will ensure all of the processing on the printer will be reset, and the printer back on standby position.

2. Clear Any Paper Jam, and Dirt On The Printer

Paper that is stuck in the paper tray, and a dirty printer tray might also cause the carriage problem in the printer. If restarting won’t help, try to remove any paper jam that is stuck on the paper tray, then restart it again.

This mostly happens after the printer has done a lot of document printing, and hence some paper jammed on the printer tray, resulting in carriage problems. This can also happen when you are currently printing. Don’t panic, you need to pull the paper jam slowly, and make sure that any paper bits and dirt are cleaned thoroughly.

3. Use Genuine Ink Cartridge

If you are using faulty ink cartridges, they can make some errors and malfunction, especially compatibility issues. However, this should be easily fixed if you install the genuine ink cartridges that are recommended by HP. Make sure to always use original, and recommended brand of ink cartridges, so they will always be compatible, and without making any errors.

printer carriage jam hp officejet 4500

4. Reinstall The Printer Cartridges

First, you need to make sure the printer is turned off, and then plug off the ink cartridges. Reinstalling the printer cartridges should reset the printer carriage system, and hence it would fix the carriage jam.

You can also manually reinstall the printer carriage system, by removing it and making sure the carriage system can move freely inside the printer machine. This will let you fix any carriage jam in HP printer 3835 and many other similar products.

5. Make Sure To Properly Install The Control Panel Faceplate

When the front panel overlay has been installed, the product should be working just fine, and if the product is fine, do not attempt to reinstall it again. The carriage jam can happen if you install the control panel overlay in the wrong position, so make sure to install it properly, or else it can affect the printer’s performance, and with some problems such as HP Officejet pro 9010 carriage jam.

First, make sure that all of the edges have been secured, and then press it firmly. Position the faceplate to make sure it covers all of the plates properly without any jams and issues.

Now, that’s our easy solution on How To Fix Carriage Jam in HP Printer if you’re having a persistent problem with the carriage jam, either you should check on the printer carriage or contact your trusted printer technician. You should know, that it is better to seek professional help if all else fails.

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