3 Easy Steps How to Find Password for HP Printer

How to Find Password for HP Printer – For years, HP has been innovating with so many new features. They have many kinds of products, including printers. They have printers for printing documents in so many versions. If you are a person who needs to print many things, you will definitely need the device in your house.

Do you know that you can secure your printer with a password? However, you might also forget the passwords. So, you need to know it before using them. How to find password for HP printer?

Many printer owners get frustrated when they have to input a WPS PIN for getting into the printer. It also makes your time getting limited, as you need to enter the PIN in just 2 minutes. If you enter the PIN in more than 2 minutes, the prompt will be expired.

If you’re in this condition, you need to find the password as soon as possible. But, you might also ask where do I find the WiFi direct password for my HP printer? Don’t worry, we’ll give you the solution here.

1. How to Find Password for HP Printer using Wi-Fi Direct

If you want to know how you can find the password for the printer, you need to know some things that will be beneficial for you to try. However, when it comes to you to choose the password, you can find many ways to get them.

Here are the steps to find the password for your HP printers:

  1. Power up the printer. Make sure your printer is plugged into an electrical socket and is connected. Press the power button and check whether you have a compatible cartridge in your printer.
  2. If you have pressed the power button, then you need to also check for the ‘wireless direct’ button on the printer. You can find it on the control panel and you can even use them for the problem. These are the earlier steps if you have questions about how to find my HP printer WiFi password on iPhone.
  3. Make sure you connect the printer to a WiFi network. In case you want to print a document, you can get many things to do. The first thing you need to do is by checking the available printers from your device, whether it is a PC or laptop. Here, you can also get many things to do. Please take note that you need to connect the printer and PC to the same WiFi network. It helps you get the connection you need to the printer. The wireless direct is important if you need to print them using a wireless connection from a device.
  4. Wireless direct (Wi-Fi Direct) is important if you use them for printing the documents. Here, you can get the WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is the password you need to find before it gets expired. So, where is the PIN? The PIN of your printer is available at the back of your printer. You can see them and find them. Then, enter them to the blank form and you’ll get them right.
How to Find Password for HP Printer using Wi-Fi Direct

Finding a PIN for your printer is actually easy. You need to check them at the back of your printer. So, you don’t have to be afraid of not finding them.

Your printer needs to be protected to make sure it works properly when you use them for wireless printing. With the threats of viruses and malware, you need to be really prepared when using your devices. So, you know how to find password for HP printer.

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2. How To Find The Password Using Control Panel

I found my WPS Pin Number accidently when go to the Control Panel.

Here are the steps to find the password for your HP printers:

  1. Be close enough to printer to see the display
  2. On your computer, select Add Printer from the Control Panel
  3. When you find your printer displayed select it
  4. When it asked for your WPS Pin take a look at the printer display. This number is shown at this time, but doesn’t stay up long
  5. Type the number into the space provided on your computer screen
  6. Wait while it begins loading the printer.

This worked for me. Hopefully it will help someone else. It would be nice if HP would tell you that the number is found on the printer display, because I didn’t find it in any of the documentation.

If you still don’t understand, please watch the video below.

3. How To Find The Password Using Wireless Button

I just found mine but, when I put the pin in, I get messages saying that my computer can’t communicate with the printer. In this tutorial is use HP OfficeJet Pro 9010.

Here are the steps to find the password for your HP printers:

  1. To get the pin, press the wireless symbol on the top of the printer screen.
  2. Press on the IP Address box.
  3. Press the gear symbol in the bottom left.
  4. Go to Wireless settings, then wireless protected setup.
  5. Follow instructions on the screen.
  6. Tap on Pin.
  7. It should show your WPS PIN.
  8. Then you can use that PIN to connect your printer with WiFi.

Hopefully you’ll have better results than I.

Reasons to Purchase HP Deskjet 2700

If you want to know how to find HP Deskjet 2700 WiFi password, you need to know it makes you feel more assured when you see them at the back of your printer device. So, you need to make sure you know the best printer to buy.

Here are some reasons to buy this printer:

  1. It is functional, which is a good thing and the most important thing for every printer owner.
  2. It is sleek and good for your desk. It has a good design, which will be aesthetic for your desk. So, you will love it!
  3. It is affordable, and a suitable printer to have at home. This means that you can have the top printer features without spending a fortune. This printer indeed can be purchased without you breaking your bank account.
  4. With so many different product lines, HP is one of the most well-known brands. It implies that you have a wide range of options when selecting a device to meet your needs. Consequently, you can select an HP product with the best specs based on your needs.

Those are some reasons you need to buy HP Deskjet 2700. However, you can get many features in it by knowing how to find password for HP printer.

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