5 Best Easy Ways How to Fix Alignment on HP Printer

When you are calmly printing your document with an HP printer, then suddenly it won’t print the correct document, and instead, become stuck in an error. Some error codes then appear, with the error statement as follows such as HP Printer alignment page not detected. Now, how do we fix it? See below here to know How to Fix Alignment on HP Printer with some easy steps.

When you are having a problem with misalignment for an HP printer, and generally for any other printer don’t panic. Some errors causing this trouble. First, we need to know exactly what happens to the printer, and what causing it before we understand How to Fix Alignment on HP Printer.

What Causing HP Printer Alignment Unsuccessful?

There are many reasons behind it, either the ink cartridges that you have installed are not genuine, dirty print head inside the printer machine, as well as misalignment, or no ink detected on the print head. To fix this, you will need to ensure that the print head itself should be clean, and devoid of any ink from the cartridge, especially around the nozzle area.

How to Fix Alignment on HP Printer

To make sure that you won’t have any misalignment problems, you should always use ink cartridges provided by the HP printer itself, and should always use original devices, recommended by HP itself. If you use non-original, or not genuine ink cartridges, it can cause some malfunctioning cartridges, hence causing some problems.

Other common problems that might be the cause for your misalignment in the HP printer such as:

  • Faulty or damaged Ink-cartridges
  • Faulty installation of ink-cartridges
  • Some paper stuck inside the printer machine
  • Dirt and excess ink on the nozzle
  • Misaligned paper after printing multiple papers at once
  • Physical damage to the printer
  • Clogged print head

The Solution To Fix The Misalignment Error On HP Printer

One simple solution to fix the HP Misalignment error is by resetting the printer device, simply turning restarting the device, turning it off, and then on. Wait for the printer to boot up, and then the HP printer will correct the alignment system.

However, you should also check the ink cartridge system, and make sure that the device uses genuine ink cartridges from the HP printer, if you use any non-genuine cartridges, it might cause some errors, and worst, it might revoke your printer warranty. Other than a non-genuine cartridge, clogged and dirty printer heads might also cause misalignment errors, either manually cleaning up the print head and nozzle, or auto-cleaning it.

So, here is some troubleshooting to help you fix your misalignment problems on your HP printer.

Reset your Printer

If the problem is minor, then resetting your printer might solve the problem. To properly reset your device, first, make sure the device is on, Unplug the power cable from the device, then in the power source unplug it too. Wait for a minute, let the printer fix its problems, connect the power cable again, and check on the problems to see if it fixed the misalignment problem or not.

Always use Original or Genuine HP Ink-Cartridges

Always use original, genuine HP Ink-cartridges, faulty ink cartridges might cause some problems to your printer. Prefer to use for original HP ink cartridges itself, so it won’t cause any trouble such as misalignment, or compatibility problems.

If you are using non-genuine ink cartridges, check on the cartridges themselves, and change them with the genuine, original cartridges that you have bought with the printer.

Clean up printer nozzle and printer head

Clean up the printer head manually, as well as with the nozzle. A dirty printer nozzle can cause a misalignment error, and it should be noted that you can clean it up manually by checking on the printer machine. However, if you aren’t confident with it, you can ask for a technician to do it for you.

Clean up printer nozzle and printer head to fix HP Printer Alignment Unsuccessful

Check your printer’s ink level

The printer misalignment problems can also sometimes be caused by improper ink levels. Check on the current ink levels, and make sure that the ink is enough for the printing of your whole document. Sometimes after printing whole multiple documents, the printer would have certain misalignment errors, that are caused by low ink levels.

Check on the ink cartridges themselves, and if you can, refill them with fresh ink, as it can probably solve the ink issues you might have.

Review the Printer Alignment page

Sometimes, you should also seek the alignment page for the printer, and checking on the HP printer alignment page can help you troubleshoot the problems. On this printed page, you can see many solutions, and fixes that can help you to fix your printer misalignment problems, ensure the device is clean and used proper ink cartridges.

So, that’s the solution on How to Fix Alignment on HP Printer if the problem persists, you might want to check out your printer, and contact your printer technician to know exactly what caused the trouble, and fix it properly.

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